Almost 50 years of experience will bring an attentive company many things. Chiefly among them at Great Floors is the expertise to handle conditions that run out of the ordinary.

No two jobsites are the same, and our experienced project managers and installers never expect one project to be the same as the last. We approach every job with the sense to look for the most efficient and economical way to install the respective flooring, so it goes down right the first time.

Are you looking for a way to replace the flooring your existing space while keeping the disruption to a minimum? Great Floors has you covered with our Lift Systems, which can see to a flooring being replaced in a few nights or less without the client having to move much if any of the furniture, office equipment, or retail fixtures during the installation process.

We also recognize that a floor is only as good as the surface under it. The lack of floor preparation, improper or defective workmanship and moisture in concrete substrates are the leading causes of flooring failure. This results in a host of issues, costing billions of dollars annually in damage, downtime, repair and replacement. All too often floors and substrates must be mitigated for excessive moisture, leveled, smoothed, or be completely repaired prior to the installation of the floor covering. We have the capability and expertise to repair floor substrate problems. Great Floors will install your floor in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommended installation procedures, to guarantee that your floor remains warranted.

Whatever the situation is for your project, the fact is experience matters. We are here to work for you. Let our expertise help you stand out above all others.