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Stone World has been the leading news source serving the international stone industry since its inception in 1984. Its articles cover the production and use of granite, marble, limestone, slate, quartz surfacing and other materials and our readership includes fabricators, architects, installers, importers, distributors and other stone industry buyers, sellers and producers. While based in the United States, Stone World and are read by key stone industry buyers and producers in more than 90 countries throughout the world and our magazine is distributed at trade shows worldwide.

Volume: 38    Issue: 1    

On The Cover:
Kitchen & Bath Trends
Fabricator Forecast

Volume: 37    Issue: 12    

On The Cover: Stone Guide: 2021

Volume: 37    Issue: 11    

On The Cover
For a Texan residence, Quality Stone Quarries supplied approximately 86 tons of stone pieces ranging from 4 x 4 to 20 x 20 inches. The blend that was selected consisted of 15% Azul, blue stone, with 85% Hazelnut, brown stone. Read more about the project beginning on page 56

Volume: 37    Issue: 10    

With quartz products remaining a popular choice among homeowners and the design community for both interior and exterior applications, manufacturers of this material continually invest in technology to ensure the production of the highest quality products. This issue of Stone World includes several features on quartz surfacing, including a story on Dal-Tile Corporation's facility in Dickson, TN, which begins on page 50. Pictured is "Liberty Calacatta" from the company's American Reserve National Marble collection.

Volume: 37    Issue: 9    

Locally sourced Rocherons Dore ClairTM limestone from Polycor's quarry in the Burgundy region of France was the stone of choice for the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. The stone's earthy beige tones, with occasional dashes of pinkish-hued calcite veining, add a subtle color and exceptional elegance to the cultural landmark, which was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. Learn more about the project, as well as the sustainability of French limestone and how its use connected the Foundation with the community, by turning to the story beginning on page 66. Photo courtesy of Polycor.

Volume: 37    Issue: 8    

On The Cover: Report from India Water/Dust Filtration

Volume: 37    Issue: 7    

The Old Parkland North Campus in Dallas, TX, boasts an enormous amount of stone products that were sourced from 12 states. Among the numerous intricate stone architectural pieces are 8-foot-tall round columns custom fabricated from blocks of Indiana limestone and carefully installed by Dee Brown, Inc. of Richardson, TX. To read more about this tremendous stone project, turn to the story begin- ning on page 88. Photo ©Steve Hinds Photography

Volume: 37    Issue: 6    

Built on a bluff overlooking the Blanco River in the Texas Hill Country, a private residence serenely sits among a grove of oak trees -- complementing its rustic environment. The exterior of the home is a showcase of a "Country Blend" of locally quarried limestone, which contributes Old World charm with other modern aesthetics. Design by A.GRUPPO Architects of San Marcos, TX. Stone supplied by Cobra Stone of Florence, TX. Photos by Dror Baldinger. Story begins on page 64

Volume: 37    Issue: 5    

Home to more than 1,500 active quarries, such as the Valle Nevado site (pictured), Brazilian stone producers offer a wide array of stunning and durable natural stone varieties which are viable options for both residential and commercial design. Turn to page 34 to learn more about how Brothers in Granite seeks out new exotic material to offer its customers.

Volume: 37    Issue: 4    

ON THE COVER: The historic Newberry Library in Chicago, IL, recently underwent a renovation and restoration of its stonework under the direction of a design team from Ann Beha Architects (ABA) of Boston, MA. It was determined that the exterior Stony Creek granite, which was used for original pavers at the entry and an existing stone bench, needed to be cleaned to remove metallic stains. The exterior work included the removal of a fence and the addition of two new Stony Creek granite benches. A new walkway, also built of Stony Creek granite from the original quarry, now provides visitor access to an ADA lift. Photo by Tom Rossiter/ To read the full story, turn to page 74.

Volume: 37    Issue: 3    

On the cover:
Vermont Danby marble not only added aesthetic value to the interior design of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in New York, but it was also a fitting choice in meeting LEED certification requirements. The material was quarried and processed by Vermont Quarries at its facility in Mendon, VT -- only 270 miles from the jobsite. Turn to page 56 of this issue to read the full story

Volume: 37    Issue: 2    

Polycor has grown to be a leader in the stone quarrying industry. With more than 50 quarries, 18 manufacturing plants and approximately 1,200 employees, the Quebec City, Canada-based company strongly places an emphasis on safety and sustainability. Stone World had the opportunity to speak with Patrick Perus, Polycor's CEO.
Read all about it beginning on page 52 of this issue.

Volume: 37    Issue: 1    

The colors, textures and other characteristics of natural stone can bring beauty to any residential design. Combining different varieties of stone, as well as building a palette with a diverse range of material, can further enhance the aesthetics of a living space. In the article "Linking architecture with nature," beginning on page 58 of this issue, the architect and homeowners chose to use stone extensively throughout the interior and exterior design of their New Jersey residence to create an elegant look. Design by JR Frank Design LLC of Wayne, NJ. Photo by Anthony Porto.

Volume: 36    Issue: 12    

A private villa in Sicily is lavishly dressed in several varieties of marble to create an elegant and functional design. The use of Grigio Antracite and Pietra Ducale as flooring in the interior living space, as well as for the patio, creates a smooth transition from the inside to the outside. To learn more about the residential design, turn to page 38. Stone supplied by Margraf.

Volume: 36    Issue: 11    

Continental Cut Stone, Continental Cream Quarries LLC and Continental Quarries are Texas-based partner companies that are working towards meeting NSC/ANSI 373 sustainability standards. Being all under the same ownership, they are committed to running an efficient and environmentally friendly operation. To learn more about the three companies and their sustainable efforts, turn to the article beginning on page 58.

Volume: 36    Issue: 10    

Quartz surfacing remains a popular option for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities
in residential design. Manufacturers of the engineered stone material are replicating the look of white marbles, such as Fusion White Margherita quartz offered by Universal Granite & Marble (shown), which remains a popular style among homeowners. To view more quartz products that are trending, turn to page 62.

Volume: 36    Issue: 9    

The Indiana Limestone Belt is rich in natural material that has been used for many historic projects across the country, and continues to be a source of limestone for new projects, as well as restoration work. The Empire Quarry in Bloomington, IN, which is owned by Indiana Limestone Co., has been deemed an historic site, as it supplied the limestone used for the Empire State Building in New York City. To learn more about Indiana limestone and the companies that quarry and fabricate it, turn to the Indiana limestone section beginning on p. 28, and specifically the feature "Touring 'The Stone Bel'" that starts on p. 38.

Volume: 36    Issue: 8    

The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA, recently endured a renovation, which restored its luster. More than 19,000 stone tiles were installed by a skilled team of masons who referred countless times to photos, plans and other documentation of the original pool. A total of 3,000 square feet of Vermont Verde Antique(R) serpentine and 7,000 square feet of Olympian White Danby(R) marble were used for the historic project and the stone pieces were set with products from Custom Building Products. To learn more about the renovation, turn to page 68.

Volume: 36    Issue: 7    

On The Cover:
A Grand Opening was held on May 16, 2019 for the new Statue of Liberty Museum, which is located on Liberty Island in New York. Designed by FXCollaborative, the design includes a large open public space that features Stony Creek granite - supplied by Stony Creek Granite Co. of Stony Creek, CT. The stone was chosen not only because it is the same material used more than a century ago for the pedestal of Lady Liberty, but also for its durability and aesthetic value. To read more about the project, please turn to page 94 of this issue of Stone World.

Volume: 36    Issue: 6    


When the team at Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture in New York set out to design the new Pablo Center at the Confluence in Eau Claire, WI, they sought a local stone, Aqua Grantique hornblende/gneiss, for the building's exterior facade to reflect the natural and artistic beauty of the area. A little more than 25,000 square feet of the material was combined with "waves" of copper to create the striking design. To learn more about the stone and how it completes the design of the new performing arts center, turn to page 56 of this issue of Stone World.

Photo by Tom Kessler. Stone supplied by Krukowski Stone Company, Inc. in Mosinee, WI.

Volume: 36    Issue: 5    

Jade is a precious stone from Margramar found inside the company's white quartzite quarry, which is called Zurich, located in Bahia/Brazil. Jade is an Ortobreccia with a very natural and unique look. The material is composed of several types of semiprecious stones and perfectly suitable for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and showers, flooring and wall panels. Jade is one of many stones from Latin America that is featured in a photo gallery beginning on page 58 of this issue.

Volume: 36    Issue: 4    

Marble elements at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in downtown Spokane, WA, received an update by Mario & Son of Liberty Lake, WA. This is one of several stories we are featuring this month in our "Renovation/Restoration" focus. To learn more about the detailed crafts- manship that went into the church renovation project, turn to page 62 of this issue.

Volume: 36    Issue: 3    

ON THE COVER: The facade of the Bexar County Public Works building in San Antonio, TX, was designed to appear as if it is rising from the ground. The exterior features Mesa Grande limestone blocks from Keller Material Inc. To learn more about the building's stone architecture, turn to page 60. Design by Marmom Mok Architects of San Antonio, TX. Photo by @Paul Bardagjy.

Volume: 36    Issue: 2    

Based in Dayton, TN, Majestic Stone supplies building stone, landscape stone and thin veneer from its seven quarries in Tennessee. While the company was started more than 20 years ago, it has experienced a resurgence since 2016 as a result of new ownership. The company intends to continue its expansion to service its customers throughout the U.S. To learn more about Majestic Stone, turn to page 40.

Volume: 36    Issue: 1    


The homeowners of a newly constructed residence in Texas sought to combine California contemporary style with the aesthetics of a southern ranch. While the use of local lime- stone predominantly was used for the home's exterior, as well as fireplaces in the living space, the kitchen has a fresh modern look with a thick stone countertop paired with subway tile. The Taj Mahal quartzite countertop was given a leather finish. To learn more about the home's design, turn to page 60.
Photo by Andror Baldinger. Design by Craig McMahon Architects.

Volume: 35    Issue: 12    


Founded in 1983, Stocchero Attilio & C. s.r.l of Verona, Italy, has grown to become a global exporter of quality stone products. The company currently exports 35% of its material to the U.S. To learn more about its operation, turn to page 40 of this issue of Stone World.

Volume: 35    Issue: 11    


With the demand for quartz surfacing continuing to grow, Tab India made the decision to open a new factory for TabQuartz in South India at the start of 2018. The company has dedicated time to designing and developing a technology which has resulted in the evolu- tion of normal quartz slabs to a "New Age" quartz, which uses very high-quality quartz and specialty resins suitable only for production of low VOC quartz -- ensuring very low-resin inside the slabs, pressed on a highly efficient and strong vibro-vacuum press. To learn more about TabQuartz and Tab India's production process, turn to page 58.

Volume: 35    Issue: 10    

The village of Stony Creek, CT, is built on the rocky surface of Stony Creek granite, and architectural elements, such as this stone wall, are found throughout the area. The Stony Creek granite formation can be found on the Thimble Islands and beneath the Long Island Sound, where the village sits, and it runs up to the historic quarry where Stony Creek Quarry, Inc. still harvests granite today. To learn more about Stony Creek granite and the quarry, turn to page 50. Photo by Jennifer Richinelli.

Volume: 35    Issue: 9    

During a tour through Italy, members of the Stone Fabricators' Alliance were taken on a helicopter ride up into the Alpi Apuane Mountains where a Carrara Statuario marble quarry resides, part of the Franchi Group quarries. This was just one of many memorable experiences the group had while on the trip. Read more about their journey beginning on page 76.
Photo by Jason Kamery.

Volume: 35    Issue: 8    


The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art in St. Petersburg, FL, is focused on the art of the American West, and as a result, a stone that evoked the colors and striation of the canyons and ravines of Nevada, Arizona and Utah was desired for the facility's design. Teakwood sandstone from Tab India met the design criteria and was fabricated into thou- sands of custom-cut sizes and shapes – creating a unique and awe-inspiring aesthetic for the museum. Photo courtesy of Tab India. Stone supplied by ASI Stone Imports, Inc.

Volume: 35    Issue: 7    

On The Cover
For a newly constructed 6,300-square-foot home in McMinnville, OR, "Oregon Trail Blend," a 60-40 mix of Camas Grey basalt and Alpine granite, was chosen to be used throughout the interior and exterior design. The stone was quarried locally and fabricated into random- sized rough-cut square and rectangular blocks, which enhance the overall design of the ranch-style residence that captures sweeping views of the countryside.
Design by Giulietti | Schouten Architects, Portland, OR.
Photo courtesy of David Papazian.

Volume: 35    Issue: 6    

A graduate of Texas Tech University College of Architecture and the graduate program at University of Texas School of Architecture, Darwin Harrison of Austin, TX, has developed a passion for working with natural stone. Recently, he built his own home with regional limestone used in unique and inspiring ways. Turn to the Q&A on page 54 to learn more about the designer and the details involved with the stone design and installation of his Texas Hill Country residence.

Volume: 35    Issue: 5    

On the Cover:
Established in 1992, Gramazini of Barra de Sao Francisco, Espirito Santo, Brazil, owns 28 active quarries throughout Brazil. The numerous sites allow the company to offer an extensive range of stone varieties to its customers. To learn more about Gramazini, turn to page 54.

Volume: 35    Issue: 4    

On the Cover:
Recently, a $5.3 million renovation and waterproofing of the Irish Hunger Memorial in Manhattan was completed -- restoring the monument, including its impressive stonework, to its former magnificence, while rendering it significantly less susceptible to damage from weather for years to come. The memorial includes 32 varieties of stone representing each of Ireland's 32 counties. To learn more about this massive undertaking, turn to page 114.

Volume: 35    Issue: 3    

On the Cover:
A rustic and inviting atmosphere was created at the pool and amenity area of the Texan residential community of Austin Waters with Multicolored Oklahoma Natural Stone that was sourced from Quality Stone Quarries of Stigler, OK, and supplied by Caprock Hardscape Supply of Lewisville, TX. More than 150 tons of the material was used for the outdoor design. To learn more about the project, turn to page 56 of this edition of Stone World.

Volume: 35    Issue: 2    

On the Cover:
The sandstone quarry in Curwensville, PA, which is currently owned by Russell Stone Products, Inc., was first opened in the mid-1800s. The quarry produces two varieties, Bloom Run Stone and Roaring Run Stone, and has become a source for numerous high-profile projects nationwide. A specific blend that combines both varieties has been used for many landscape designs on the campuses of Pennsylvania State University, including most recently the Brandywine location in Media, PA. To read more about Russell Stone Products, Inc., turn to page 68.

Volume: 35    Issue: 1    

On the Cover:
Cumar Marble and Granite, Inc. of Everett, MA, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Through the years, the fabrication business, which specializes in providing unique and exotic material to the upscale residential and luxury commercial markets, has continually evolved and expanded. Pictured is the company's own bathroom, which was recently renovated with stone and high-end fixtures. To learn more about Cumar Marble and Granite, Inc., turn to page 42 of this issue.

Volume: 34    Issue: 12    

On the Cover:
For a secluded residence in the Texas Hills of Boerne, TX, Sisterdale dimensional chopped square ripple limestone was chosen for the design. The rough-cut pieces, which protrude from the wall surfaces, are accented with bands of Lueders gray limestone. Design by Craig McMahon Architects, Inc. of San Antonio, TX. Photo Copyright Dror Baldinger

Volume: 34    Issue: 11    

On the Cover:
For this kitchen design, Silestone Iconic White creates a large center island, while just over 35 square feet of Charcoal Soapstone was employed for the periphery countertops with a thickness of 3cm. The quartz surfacing not only provides the durability necessary for a busy family, but also the aesthetic that was desired. Learn more about this residential kitchen design beginning on page 70. Design by InDetail Interiors of Pensacola, FL. Photo courtesy of Cosentino.

Volume: 34    Issue: 10    

On the Cover:
Founders Hall -- located on the campus of Naugatuck Valley Community College (NVCC) in Waterbury, CT -- was recently renovated and locally quarried Stony Creek granite was specified for the project. The school's administration was adamant about using a regional material, and Stony Creek granite also met requirements for durability. Photo courtesy of Moser Pilon Nelson, Architects, LLC. Story begins on page 62.

Volume: 34    Issue: 9    

On the Cover:
BardenStone of Memphis, TN, is a third-generation family operated business servicing an upscale residential market. The company, which offers a range of rubble and building stone, as well as marble and granite, takes pride in its one-on-one approach to customer service. Learn more about BardenStone in the story beginning on page 34 of this issue. Photo by Jennifer Richinelli.

Volume: 34    Issue: 8    

On the Cover:
Built with an open first floor plan, a private residence in Hinsdale, IL, features a piece of "natural art" that required seven setters to lift and place using a wooden accent frame to achieve and complete the gallery affect in the house. This is one of the many examples of stone installation in this issue. This story can be found on page 56.

Volume: 34    Issue: 7    

On the Cover:
For a private residence in Wimberely, TX, the use of natural stone for the patio and pool area created an outdoor retreat for the homeowners to enjoy their scenic landscape. This is one of many examples illustrated in the Architects' Round Table, which begins on page 88 of this issue, of how natural stone fulfills both aesthetic and functional demands in design. Photo Copyright C.L. Fry. Design by Burleson Design Group of Wimberely, TX.

Volume: 34    Issue: 6    

On the Cover:
Recently, Michels Stone of Fond du Lac, WI, a division of Michels Corp., obtained the ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainable Dimension Stone Certification. Read more about the company and the process it went through beginning on page 42. Michels Stone is one of several stone producers featured in the U.S. Quarried Stone focus of this issue of Stone World.

Volume: 34    Issue: 5    

On the Cover:

Among the quarries operated by Maq Stone of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Brazil, is the Pegasus site. The company primarily fabricates countertops for both residential or commercial projects in the U.S., Canada, Italy, Australia, Spain, Germany and China. Maq Stone is one of several Brazilian stone producers featured in this issue's Report from Brazil/Latin America. Read more about the company beginning on page 58.

Volume: 34    Issue: 4    

On the Cover:

As part of their trip to Xiamen, the delegation from MIA+BSI spent a day touring several stone processing plants belonging to leading Chinese stone producers. All the factories were busy with activity -- working on large custom stone projects. Among the companies visited was Jianming Stone Group, whose work is featured on this month's cover of Stone World. Read about the Xiamen Stone Fair, beginning on page 72, and look for more on the MIA+BSI factory tour, as well as a full Report from China, in the June edition.

Photo by Jennifer Richinelli

Volume: 34    Issue: 3    

On the Cover:

To create the "wow factor" the homeowner of a private residence in Tampa, FL, desired for his outdoor living space, Arctic White stacked stone from M S International, Inc. (MSI) was used for the walls in the entertainment section, pool area and kitchen. For the majority of the flooring, the walls of the pool and three wall elements, a Turkish silver travertine paver was chosen in square- and rectangular-shaped sizes, which was supplied by Harmony Stone, Inc. in Tampa, FL. Design by Ryan Hughes Design/Build, Tampa, FL.

Photo by Joe Traina. Read more about the residential design beginning on page 94

Volume: 34    Issue: 2    

On the Cover:

An expansive home in Wimberley, TX, makes use of native resources by featuring limestone quarried on site throughout its exterior and interior design. The natural stone is paired with large glass windows and modern amenities -- achieving the perfect balance of rustic elegance. Photo courtesy of Dror Baldinger.

Volume: 34    Issue: 1    

On the Cover:

Rock of Ages has supplied its premium Bethel White granite for the new Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) tower in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The signature building is ranked the second tallest in the city and 42nd highest in the world. Approximately 1,000 blocks of the material was used for the exterior facade, as well as interior applications.

Volume: 33    Issue: 12    

On The Cover:
A definitive index of stone suppliers, fabricating equipment and supplies, installation and stone care materials, and trade associations in the stone industry. This guide includes alphabetical listings and cross-reference indexes, which allow its users to easily locate a company by name and products. Additionally, the next edition will feature a comprehensive review of the Marmomacc fair, which recently was held in Verona, Italy.

Volume: 33    Issue: 11    

On the Cover:

The Bethel White quarry in Granitesville, VT, which is operated by Rock of Ages, was among the stops on the MIA+BSI study tour, which took place in September. The site dates back to the 1800s and was among the first commercially operated quarries in the U.S., and its material has been used for a range of historic buildings and national landmarks. To read more about the Bethel White quarry, as well as the study tour itself, turn to page 30 of this issue of Stone World.

Volume: 33    Issue: 10    

On the Cover:

For the renovation of a private residence in Greenwich, CT, local fieldstone was chosen for the living room fireplace -- creating a rustic yet elegant design. The floor-to-ceiling stonework creates a striking accent in the living space. Design by Saniee Architects, Greenwich, CT. Story begins on page 68.

Volume: 33    Issue: 9    

On the Cover:

For the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple outside of Indianapolis, IN, the design drew influence from the rich architectural history of Indianapolis and the symbolism of the city and state. While the exterior stone cladding features 35,800 square feet of Aero Cream limestone from Turkey in a honed finish, with carved decorative elements, the site work cladding, caps, curbs, piers, benches and water feature are fabricated from Chinese granite, which was supplied by Bestview International. At the central fountain, the cubic dome, cascades and weirs were comprised of Giallo Antico granite from Brazil, with a transverse finish and cascade notches. Photo courtesy of Antonio Chapital, John Wright (Mediawright Photography). Story begins on page 100.

Volume: 33    Issue: 8    

On the Cover: This edition of Stone World takes a look at stone production in India. Rich in material, the country has several leading stone producers which export products worldwide. Among them is Rama Arts & Exports, a company with a reputation as a leading manufacturer of semi-precious slabs and customized stonework. Learn more about the stone producer beginning on page 52.

Volume: 33    Issue: 7    

On the Cover: A major reorganization project on the campus of St. Joseph Cathedral in Wheeling, WV, involved the construction of a central courtyard and a garden dedicated to the Virgin Mary, as well as building a new fountain that would add the elements of movement and sound for an inviting yet serene gathering area. Mesabi Black granite-- quarried and fabricated by Coldspring of Coldspring, MN -- was chosen for the fountain design. Photo by Prestige Photography. Story begins on page 94.

Volume: 33    Issue: 6    

On the Cover: The renovation of a condominium in Miami Beach, FL, required durable material, yet an elegant aesthetic. To meet the demands of the project, Neolith sintered compact surfacing in the color "Estatuario," from the Classtone collection, was used throughout the contemporary living space. To learn more about the remodel, turn to page 44.

Volume: 33    Issue: 5    

On the Cover: Paying homage to native resources, the new Performance Center
at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, IN, is constructed of local red sandstone -- quarried at a small site nearby. Work on the new facility began
not long after the renovation and expansion of the adjoining Student Center. The combination of stone and glass of both buildings brings a fresh contemporary aesthetic to the campus. Design by Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture, New York, NY. Story begins on page 68.

Volume: 33    Issue: 4    

On the Cover: Safety was top priority for a home in Cary, NC, using Calacatta marble in 5 cm and 3 cm thickness. The kitchen featured two seamless 10-foot- long double islands made from the Calacatta marble. Fabricated and installed by ROCKin'teriors of Raleigh, NC. Story begins on page 128.

Volume: 33    Issue: 3    

On the Cover: An upscale design was achieved for a home in Paradise Valley, AZ, with an extensive palette of high-quality stone. Large-format Lavender Blue granite floor tiles enhance the luxurious feel of the master bath and the chiseled finish on the facing of the steps leading to the bath tub adds texture and depth. Photo by Dino Tonn. Design by Swaback Partners pllc of Scottsdale, AZ. Story begins on page 76.

Volume: 33    Issue: 2    

On the Cover:
Quality Stone Quarries in Stigler, OK, currently operates three quarrying sites -- producing a number of stone varieties that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as this exterior wall. The company markets its stone across the U.S. Photo by Sarah Ratliff. Story begins on page 68.

Volume: 33    Issue: 1    

On the Cover:

Travertine stone tiles with a tumbled finished transformed the backyard of a residence in Baton Rouge, LA, into a Mediterranean-style oasis. The design included a beach-like entry, spa with a cascading waterfall, in-ground swimming pool, and fire and water features throughout, along with a "bridge" of stepping stones. Close to 2,000 square feet of the material was employed, which was supplied by M S International, Inc. (MSI) of Orange, CA. Design by Ferris Land Design, LLC, Baton Rouge, LA. Story begins on page 108.

Volume: 32    Issue: 12    

The December issue of Stone World is our annual Stone Guide.

This definitive index of stone suppliers, fabricating equipment and supplies, installation and stone care materials, and trade associations serves as a valuable tool for those in the stone industry. This guide includes alphabetical listings and cross-reference indexes, which allow its users to easily locate a company by name and products.

Volume: 32    Issue: 11    

On the Cover:

Olympia Tile & Stone, Orro Mosaic, Caesarstone and The Tile Mural Store worked with designer Ambience Design Group and installer Rockford Tile Contractors on a private residence located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada and won an award in the "Residential Stone Installation" category at the Coverings Installation & Design Awards. Story begins on page 66.

Volume: 32    Issue: 10    

On the Cover:

In the summer of 2013, Roy V., John B. and Jacob Swindal of Masonry Arts, Inc. teamed up with Claire L. Burgess and Chinese businessman and investor Tan Changyan to form TBGS Quarry, LLC, now doing business as Sylacauga Marble Quarry, which quarries Alabama White marble. Operation of the quarry started in December 2014, and the team looks to continue development of the site for the next couple of years while also producing marketable block in varying color and quality ranges. To learn more about the quarry's history, turn to page 66.

Volume: 32    Issue: 9    

On the Cover:

Levantina is a large stone producer based in Alicante, Novelda, Spain. The company has more than a dozen quarries and distribution locations worldwide, including in the U.S. Levantina operates five Marron Emperador marble quarries, and the company reports this is one of its most popular materials. To learn more about Levantina's operation, turn to page 120.

Volume: 32    Issue: 8    

On the Cover:

Founded in 1989, Kangli Stone Group is a producer of natural stone and quartz surfacing. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the company has facilities stationed around the globe -- supplying stone and quartz products worldwide. Among the recent projects the company supplied was custom stonework for the five-star Hotel Sofitel Wanda in Beijing, China. To learn more about Kangli, read the article beginning on page 40 of this issue.

Volume: 32    Issue: 7    

On the Cover:

The fourth annual Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards, a program that honors outstanding design and installation of stone and tile in residential, commercial, sustainable and international projects, was recently presented during Coverings 2015, which was held this past spring in Orlando, FL. The project Hyde Park Gardens was the International Stone Design Winner. The guest bathroom is an example of outstanding stone craftsmanship with large marble slabs perfectly bookmatched. To read more about this project, as well as other CID award winners, turn to page 138 of this issue.

Volume: 32    Issue: 6    

On the Cover:

Las Vegas Rock in Jean, NV, produces a unique stone, which is used for a variety of applications, including landscape rock, flooring, custom stonework, slab material, cut-to-size panels, engraved signage and planking. For 2015, the stone quarrier is expecting to produce 180,000 square feet, or 250,000 tons, of product. To read more about Las Vegas Rock's operation, turn to page 62 of this issue of Stone World.

Volume: 32    Issue: 5    

On the Cover:

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) recognizes excellence in commercial, residential and renovation/restoration of natural stone projects through its annual Pinnacle Awards. ABS Information Commons received an Award of Excellence for Commercial Exterior in the 2014 competition. The exterior of the building features variegated Ramon Gray limestone panels, which on average measure 2 x 7 feet. To read more about the design of ABS Information Commons, as well as other Pinnacle Award winners, turn to page 66 of this issue

Volume: 32    Issue: 4    

On the Cover:

Taj Mahal white quartzite was chosen for the kitchen island in this Colorado residence. The material, which was supplied by Cereser and fabricated and installed by Planet Granite, was resined and treated three times to fully penetrate the fissures. The quartzite is complemented by Antique Brown granite on the perimeter countertops. Further adding to the rustic elegance of the space is the rough-cut stone face of the countertops and backsplash.

Volume: 32    Issue: 3    

On the Cover:

A floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace creates a dramatic focal point in the living room of this Texas Hill Country ranch. The structure is built of a blend of 5-inch-thick ‘Old Yellow’ limestone and Sisterdale Cream limestone pieces, which were quarried within 15 miles of the site and laid in a squared-up ashlar pattern. Design by Craig McMahon Architects, Inc., San Antonio, TX. Photo © Dror Baldinger. Story begins on page 68

Volume: 32    Issue: 2    

On the Cover:

Quartz countertops continue to grow in popularity in certain areas of the U.S. For this residential kitchen, Vanilla Ice quartz from Pompeii Quartz of Naples, FL, creates a sleek contemporary look. To read more about the latest kitchen trends, turn to page 44.

Photo courtesy of Alena Capra of Alena Capra Designs.

Volume: 32    Issue: 1    

On the Cover:

For a 4,350-square-foot private residence in Blanco, TX, the homeowners selected Palomino Granbury limestone from the Tolar Quarry in Tolar, TX, which is owned by Arnold Stone. The regional stone with its rough-cut texture creates the traditional Texas farmhouse look that was desired. Photo by Tre Dunham. Story begins on page 110.

Volume: 31    Issue: 12    

On the Cover:

White marble remains a popular choice for kitchen countertops among homeowners and the design community. The large center island in the kitchen of a private residence in Denver, CO, features Eureka Danby marble -- quarried by Vermont Quarries of Rutland, VT. Photo by Mark Woolcott Photography.

Volume: 31    Issue: 11    

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Recently, Plateau Masonry, BMJ Stone of Crossville, TN, collaborated with builder Charles Atkins of Knoxville, TN, and architect Jonathan Miller on a private residence in Knoxville, TN. The company's "Stonewood Mountain" fieldstone product, which is an ashlar pattern and harvested from the hills of Tennessee, was chosen for the home's exterior facade. Photo by Jimmy Chiarella/JC Studios. Story begins on page 80.

Volume: 31    Issue: 10    

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With nearly 50 years of experience in the stone industry, R.E.D. Graniti added to its list of quarries by purchasing the Colorado Yule marble quarry in Marble, CO. The global Italian stone producer has made significant investments, which have resulted in the production of top-quality white marble. Photo copyright Ron Bailey Photography. Story begins on page 78.

Volume: 31    Issue: 9    

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F.J. Cochicho & Filho LDA is part of a consortium comprising three companies that work an open-area pit marble quarry in Vila Vicosa, Portugal. Stone World had the opportunity to visit this quarry as well as several others in the marble region of Alentejo (Vila Vicosa) and the limestone region in the Serras de Aires and Candeeiros Natural Park as a guest of the first "Designing with Natural Stone" Portugal course. Read about the course and companies visited beginning on page 80. Photo by Jennifer Adams.

Volume: 31    Issue: 8    

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A total of 30,000 square feet of Temple White granite adorns the exterior facade of The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints Calgary Alberta Temple. The typical veneer for the exterior cladding was 3 to 4 cm thick, while the stonework for the cubic water table pieces ranged from 3 to nearly 8 inches thick. Design by ABBARCH Architecture Inc. Photo by Errol Barr. Story begins on page 52.

Volume: 31    Issue: 7    

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