Corporate Stewardship

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

GreatFloors® is committed to helping the environment inside and out. From adjusting the thermostats in our offices to donating over 4,500 square yards of carpet to charities for reuse, we are looking do whatever we can to make our company a responsible environmental steward. Here are a few other ways GreatFloors® is helping sustain the Earth:

  • Percentage of our office supplies produced from recycled materials: 10%
  • Carpet we have diverted from landfills: 638,000 sq. ft.
  • Equivalent number of pounds reclaimed: 340,106 lbs.
  • Cubic yards of landfill saved: 1,680 cu. yds.
  • Average equivalent BTUs saved: 3,401,055,000 BTUs (enough to heat 19 homes for a year)
  • Global warming potential averted (CO2 equivalent pounds): 2,378,018 lbs.
  • Gallons of water (H2O) saved through all reclamation: 1,037,322 gal.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are three words we take seriously at GreatFloors®

At GreatFloors® we make it easy to stay green … with one call we will

  • Supply a comprehensive quote with no hidden expenses.
  • Make all the necessary containment and transportation arrangements.
  • Document the procedure and submit records for compliance.
  • Provide a certificate of reclamation that guarantee's your carpet has been reclaimed and not dumped in a landfill.